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Focal Sphear In-Ear Headphones

After two years of meticulous development, Focal have unveiled their new Sphear in-ear headphones marking their first venture in the category. They were created because Focal believes that as current earphones become uncomfortable to wear after some time, they have “generally failed to fulfil their promise."

Designed with this in mind, the Focal Sphear headphones aim to redefine the approach towards the ear canal. It features memory foam tips and an extended housing in order to shift the weight of the headphones to the inferior auricle and consequently reduce excessive volume and weight.

The Sphear utilises 10.8mm drivers and an intuitive rounded design to deliver Focal’s signature sound with an exceptionally rich mid-range. The bass is also increased slightly to resolve the issue of noisy environments. As expected from the French manufacturer, the overall sound is precise, clear and faithful to the original music.

A multi-function remote control allows you to control all your devices connected to your In-Ear headphones such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players or computers. The remote is fitted with an omnidirectional microphone enabling you to answer or end telephone calls as well control play functions like play, stop, next and previous track.

The Focal Sphear in-ear headphones are supplied with three pairs of silicone and memory foam tips along with an aeroplane adapter and carrying case.


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