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I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with the excellent level of service I have received from Ceritech.
From your company’s swift and very professional response to my initial enquiry, right through to the superb installation, I have seen nothing but outstanding levels of skill and knowledge, sheer professionalism and enthusiasm, and the employment of first class experience. Please pass on my heartfelt gratitude to Adrian for his help, advice and guidance throughout and for a superb installation, and to Tom for his enthusiastic support on the installation and the great service he performed on the turntable.
Everything sounds and looks really wonderful and we are absolutely delighted with the results. Ceritech is indeed a first class company and I am so very glad we came to you. Thank you very much.
G Pilkington

We have been clients of Ceritech for many years, and over that time they have advised on and then supplied and fitted home cinema and audio equipment for us. We have always found their advice to be spot on, and their service (and after sales service) is second to none. If only all firms could be like this! We have no hesitation in recommending Ceritech Audio, and indeed we have done so numerous times to our friends who have had similar experiences to ours – excellent service from Ceritech Audio, in stark contrast to what they’d received from others.
J Moseley

We recently serviced a Linn LP12 and added the following upgrades: Keel – Sub Chassis & Armboard, Krystal – Cartridge and Radical – Power Supply.
Thank you very much for your advice and work on rebuilding my Linn Sondek. I admit that I spent more than originally planned, but the results fully justify the investment.
The stereo image is startling with a superb sense of stage depth (you can almost tell which desk the violins are playing from) The music has an infectious dynamic with no sense of congestion or hardening on even the loudest and most complex passages. The bass is much more tuneful and accurate than I have ever heard from LP before. The dynamic range is excellent with the music emerging from blackness and subtle detail like acoustic environment information well portrayed.
The music has almost a 3D effect, making some comparable CDs sound a little flat and faintly sterile.
The cartridge is very secure and seems to be good at suppressing groove noise
B Davies

Shopping with Ceritech Audio.
I have been using Naim and the Linn audio since the mid- eighties. When I moved to Herefordshire from the London area I was pleased to find a shop in the area that stocked good British Audio.
I first visited Ceritech when they were in Monmouth . I was introduced to their demonstration facilities by one of the team and as we talked we struck up a conversation about music. Audio equipment is simply a means to access music and I was pleased to have the opportunity to converse about our respective musical tastes. This gave me confidence in the people working there.

Ceritech have since moved to Cinderford where they continue to stock an excellent range of audio equipment and to offer good demonstration facilities .Importantly and if my experience is typical the demonstration themselves are always set up well and undertaken in a thorough and fair manner which ensures customers are able to experience and judge for themselves if equipment is able to do a good job in bringing analogue or digital recordings to life.
My finances have changed over the years and I have found it helpful that the shop has been able to provide me with a choice of products within my changing budget.
As one might expect the team offer good information and advice on their products and after sales support is excellent. They are also genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their products and this has been evident in the time they have given to me in sharing helpful insights and responses to my questions and observations.
The enthusiasm is further illustrated by the various events the team invites customers to share. These can provide an introduction to new products by representatives from manufacturers the shop works with but I particularly enjoyed a day where another customer talked about and introduced several of us to his take on the history of jazz and the musicians he felt to be most significant playing a number of his own discs to support the occasion.
There is one other ingredient that makes Ceritech audio a good place to shop.
Whether I am telephoning for a small piece of information or arriving to listen to a new piece of equipment I always experience a warm & friendly welcome from Simon and Sam and their team. This personal touch counts a lot to me and I am sure for others to.”
M Crowe

I have been a customer of Ceritech Audio for over 5 years and in that time I have benefitted enormously from their knowledge and experience in both hi-fi and home cinema.
Their customer service is second to none and the team are always willing to spend time talking about what my needs are and helping to plan the development of my entertainment system.
Visiting them is so much more than going shopping, it’s an enjoyable time spent in the company of friends (who happen to have a lot of really nice toys!).
S Robinson

“Our four year journey has been a joyous, musical voyage of discovery; new and old material has been brought to life. Ceritech’s friendly, helpful and insightful knowledge have helped us build a fabulous sounding system with room to grow. There are always fresh temptations!”
Mr & Mrs Kilkenny

I have experienced excellent high quality and friendly customer service from this family business. Their expert advice and experience was invaluable in ensuring the system was tailored to my individual needs
P Payek

Jaw dropping sonics and widescreen smiles. Sound advice and pricing, best by a country mile. The Ceritech family have brought Hollywood to our family home.
P Skinsley

I have bought an LP12 Akurate System with a Uphorik Phonostage from Ceritech.  Their customer service is very courteous and is second to none! If required they are willing to let you take equipment for a home demonstration and are always willing to give you help with the slightest problem.  I have been to their shop a number of times, they are very welcoming and NEVER give you the hard sell!

P James

My experience with Ceritech and Adrian who is knowledgeable and very helpful was excellent, after arranging to listen to a pair of Kudos Titon 606 speakers, Adrian replicated my system exactly. These were not stock items but had to be ordered from the rep for the occasion.
After a very leisurely afternoon listening and much discussion, a fair trade in price for my PMC’s was agreed and I ordered the 606’s speakers, cables and alternative feet for hard floors. (Adrian managed to talk Kudos into providing a pair in Oak – this finish is not normally available). While I was waiting for the speakers Adrian kindly burnt the cables in for me.
I was kept fully up to date with everything that was on order by phone and email as I live over 100 miles away.
G Snow