Affordable Accessories to Improve Your Audio System

Collaro Audio Precision Cloth Turntable Mat £99.00

Awarded ‘Best Buy’ from
Designed as a direct replacement for the supplied platter mat of many high-quality turntables, this mat is the result of many years of research and is a high quality 100% wool woven cloth with felt-like smooth facings, produced as a result of the finishing process. You can be sure that the mat will provide years of enhanced listening pleasure for anyone with a Linn, Michell, Rega, Pink Triangle, Funk Firm, Pro-Ject, Clearaudio or Roksan turntable.

AudioQuest Fog Lifters £129.00

Place Fog Lifters beneath audio and AC power cables to significantly reduce RF noise coupling, whether with the floor, or due to misdirected efforts to isolate cable with stands or clamps that themselves have too much contact mass and are sources of RF noise. The result is simply amazing!

AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ USB 2.0 Noise Filter £49.00

Enables more spacious and compelling sound. Dual Discrete Noise-Dissipation Circuits reduce all forms of internal noise in both the sending and receiving electronics. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) with hinged Carbon-Loaded Noise-Dissipation input cover protects against external noise. The JitterBug Reduces jitter and packet errors – Use a JitterBug in series with almost any USB DAC. A small price to pay for this amazing upgrade.

Nordost ECO 3X Anti-static spray and static inhibiter £40.00

The slow build-up of static charges is an insidious problem that undermines the performance of all audio and AV systems, flattening perspectives, dulling colours and inhibiting dynamics. This wonder solution from Nordost Removes the static charge from cable dielectrics and helps reduce future build-up. The effects are easily heard, with a dramatic increase in the sense of life and presence, greater transparency, wider dynamics and richer colours.

Nordost System Solution – Set-up & Tuning Discs £40.00

Nordost’s System Solution is an invaluable tool for the installation, maintenance, and fine-tuning of any hi-fi audio system. with this newly upgraded, two-disc set, you will have a unique mix of diagnostic tracks, calibration tools, and system conditioning aids that will help unlock the full potential of your sound system.

Les Davis Audio – 3D Damping Disc (Set of 8) £120.00; 3D Record Mat £180.00

Viscoelastic constrained layer damping for audio.
3D is a deceptively simple product. The starting point for the journey of neutral vibration & resonance control. The discs can be placed under any audio component including turntables, digital sources, amplification, power supplies, motors and even underneath speakers and cables. They are Extremely versatile and can fit anywhere! Results are consistent – equipment appears more transparent, the noise floor reduces and music is simply better, deeper, clearer, and more coherent. Every audio system needs this amzing upgrade!
3D Record Mat – A record mat to isolate the vinyl record from the internal noise that is inherent in any turntable. Open, more clearly defined and accurate bass, better timing. Works extremely well on a turntable at any price point. This is, quite simply, the best record mat we have heard at any price – reveal the true talents of your turntable.

Audio-Technica Cartridge Stylus Cleaner AT617a £30.00

The AT617a cartridge stylus cleaner is a specially formulated polyurethane gel that gently removes dirt particles from the stylus tip when the stylus is lowered onto it. The gel’s surface is washable and will remain tacky for years. A quality product from a trusted brand we highly recommend – don’t risk damaging your cartridge, this is a far better alternative to the many unestablished brands on the market.

Ethernet ‘Streaming’ Cables (RJ/E) from £35.00

If you stream music, you need a quality network cable to get more from your streamer. Specialist audio cables employ proven techniques for minimizing noise and distortion: better metals, better geometry, better dielectric, direction-controlled conductors, and other ingredients needed for optimizing performance. The digital future is brighter and more beautiful sounding than ever…if your digital-audio cables are capable of treating fragile audio data as it deserves to be treated—that is, with the love and respect reserved for music. Experience a lower noise floor, more detail and increased musicality. We can offer options from AudioQuest, The Chord Company, Melco and Nordost and will be happy to recommend options for your streamer.

AC Power Cables from £55.00

The power cords that are supplied with most audio/video are durable, flexible, small, and they will unfailingly supply the required AC voltage from the utilities’ service tap for many years to come. They’re also inexpensive. Unfortunately, these “commodity” power cords were never up to the task of supplying sensitive components with the quality power they need. With specialist power cords you will experience greater dynamics, bass grip, extended high frequencies, and the blackest background you’ve ever heard. We can offer options from AudioQuest, The Chord Company, Naim Audio and Nordost and will be happy to recommend options for your system.

Iso Acoustics zaZen Series Isolation Platforms from £199.00

Experience a moment of zazen (sitting meditation)! The zazen provides a stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntables, amplifiers, power supplies and other sensitive sources. The combination of platform mass and the integrated Iso Acoustics isolation technology allows improved musicality, greater acoustic clarity and detail. The effect on any turntable is simply astonishing, and complimentary to existing isolation solutions (e.g. hi-fi rack, Linn Trampolin etc).

English Electric Audio Grade Network Switch from £450.00

The Hi-Fi Plus Accessory of the Year 2020. Enjoy better quality streaming specifically designed for the enjoyment of music. If you are using a standard network switch with your streamer, you will be astonished at the performance improvements that can be gained with a specialist switch from English Electric. Have a listen and test it yourself!

iFi Audio GND Defender £99.00

If you can hear a consistent hum coming through your speakers, whether playing music or when idle, then you may have multiple ground/earth connections in your system causing a ground loop. This ground loop can be fiddly to fix, however, iFi have come along with an intelligent solution to help solve this issue. Enter the GND Defender! By using a specially designed AI Ground Detection, the GND Defender can automatically disconnect the ground on your device if there is a ground loop, eliminating the low hum through your speakers. But it does not stop there, the GND Defender can even reinstate the ground connection to pass current if any faults are detected in your system. This ensures a safety fallback to help protect your equipment.

iFi Audio iPower £49.00

When is a plug no ordinary plug? When it’s an iFi iPower. Use an iPower to replace your regular power supply for clean, noise pollution free power. The iPower use Active Noise Cancellation+ to cancel all incoming EMI or RFI noise. Add the iPower into your system and you’ll notice music come back to life. It can add in detail originally lost through conventional power supplies. It works with virtually any DC powered device and comes in 5, 9, 12 and 15 volts. Just check the correct voltage and away you go. Clean, audiophile grade power.

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