Dynaudio Special Forty

Cutting-edge acoustic technology in a classic Dynaudio design.
The Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it totally up to date with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies.
Dynaudio still surprise their selves. Some people might be content to sit back and be complacent about their successes after 40 years of constant innovation. They aren’t. In fact, they only get hungrier for new techniques and technologies.
That’s why they developed the Special Forty: they wanted to revisit those innovations and see what they would do differently this time.
We are delighted to add The Special Forty Speaker to our demonstration portfolio.
HiFiCritic –  ‘These stand-mount speakers sounded so good we just had to review them!’ –
Read the review here – HFCritic Special Forty June 2018

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