Core Hi-Fi Brands

  • Headphones, Turntables, Accessories

Established in 1962, Audio-Technica is a worldwide company known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, turntables, headphones, and accessories.
We have a wide range of Audio-Technica products on permanent demonstration and available in store
Audioquest Logo

      • Audio Cables, Power Cords, Video Cables, Accessories

Since AudioQuest was founded more than 35 years ago, the internationally renowned company has designed and manufactured cables with a singular goal in mind: Do no harm! All components in the signal path – including cables, speakers, and electronics – add distortion to the original signal. The superior design elements and state-of-the-art materials in AudioQuest’s products improve your system by reducing such distortion mechanisms and letting your gear achieve its maximum performance potential. It has more recently applied its leading engineering constructs to cutting-edge computer-audio products, headphones, and power conditioning.

Chord Logo

      • Audio Cables, Power Cords

The Chord Company has been designing and producing cables for hi-fi systems since 1985, in their facility set deep in the heart of Wiltshire, UK. They know just how important cables are and how the correct interconnect and speaker cable can transform the experience and pleasure of listening to your favourite piece of music or film.
We have a wide range of The Chord Company cables up to and including Sarum on permanent demonstration

Denon Logo

  • Amplifiers, Digital Sources, Cartridges, Headphones, All-in-One Systems

Denon’s Legacy of Firsts and their 100-year history of delivering powerful audio and visual experiences mark the company’s path into the future. For everyone at Denon, Passion, Artistry, and Technology are part of the quintessential philosophy behind everything they do. These three elements and decades of innovation and engineering excellence have shaped their entire culture. Their goal is to maximise your entertainment experience.
We have a wide range of Denon products on permanent demonstration


      • Loudspeakers

Dynaudio was founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, and  have more than 35 years of experience in producing high-end speakers. Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your home.
We have a wide range of Dynaudio loudspeakers on permanent demonstration

Dynavector Logo

      • Cartridges, Phono Stages, Tonearms

Dynavector is highly regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in high performance moving coil cartridges based on innovative advanced theory and unique production technology. All of Dynavectors cartridges make use of their patented magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism mechanisms. The current models are the culmination of decades of research, development and refinement. Their musical producing credentials are immaculate as we hope you will discover when you hear them.
We have a wide range of Dynavector products on permanent demonstration

  • AV Processors, AV Receivers, Amplifiers

Emotiva is a US AV design specialist founded on the desire to offer audiophile performance, excellent features and user-friendly ergonomics at prices significantly below those of comparable products.
Emotiva has used its considerable experience in designing for other brands to identify and remove manufacturing inefficiencies while applying its innovative expertise to include the latest feature sets and optimise AV performance. The result is more from your favourite music and films for less: an unbeatable blend of amazing audio, video and price.
We have a wide range of Emotiva products on permanent demonstration

Focal Logo

      • Loudspeakers, Headphones

Focal has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for cars and studio monitors for recording studios for over 30 years, and more recently headphones. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal is a world leader in the industry thanks to their technologies and constant innovation. This philosophy adds long-term value to Focal loudspeakers, because you won’t find these technologies anywhere else.
We have a wide range of Focal products on permanent demonstration

  • Loudspeakers

Scottish-based loudspeaker manufacturer, Fyne Audio, is brand new. But the 7-strong management team brings an enviable pedigree of over 200 years’ audio industry experience. They offer an exceptional range of high performance loudspeakers.
We have a wide range of Fyne Audio products on permanent demonstration and available in store

hifi racks logo

  • Furniture

Hi Fi Racks is a family run business based in the heart of rural England. Established in 2007 the business has gone from strength to strength ever since. They now occupy a manufacturing workshop in Burrough on the hill, that’s staffed by a committed and passionate team of skilled craftsmen.
We have a wide range of Hi-Fi Racks products on permanent display

innuos logo

  • Music Servers

Innuos was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom with the vision that you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of Digital Music at your fingertips.
Ceritech Audio has the Zen Music Server on demonstration.

  • Loudspeakers

Kudos Audio originally began life as a maker of award-winning speaker stands until renowned designer Derek Gilligan took over the helm and Kudos was relaunched as a specialist in high performance loudspeakers.
Kudos has evolved into one of the UK’s fastest-growing loudspeaker companies in recent years and has won numerous awards along with a worldwide following of audiophiles and music lovers. Kudos speakers have established themselves as some of the best-sounding available, with each model setting a standard at its respective price point.
We have a range of Kudos Loudspeakers on permanent demonstration.

Linn Logo

  • Turntables, Cartridges, Tonearms, Phono Stages, Digital Sources, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers

Linn Products was founded in 1973 by Ivor Tiefenbrun to produce the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. Since this time Linn has evolved with many innovative products and developments to improve the performance of audio systems. Linn make a wide-range of music systems for your home, including network music players, turntables, amplifiers, speakers and hi-fi components.
We have a wide range of Linn products on permanent demonstration

Lyngdorf Logo

  • Digital Sources, Amplifiers, Room Correction

Lyngdorf Audio was founded to protect, preserve, and replay pure sound. All Lyngdorf Audio products exist for one purpose: to provide sound systems that render audio exactly as the musician and sound engineer intended, with nothing added or taken away through the process of recording and replay.
We have a wide range of Lyngdorf products on permanent demonstration

Marantz Logo

  • Amplifiers, Digital Sources, Headphone Amplifiers, All-in-One Systems, Turntables

Most people enjoy music. But some people are passionate about it. So are Marantz! Music should be reproduced exactly the way the artist intended, because nothing – absolutely nothing – should get in the way of the music. That’s why Marantz have only one philosophy: “Because Music Matters.” Marantz’s heritage of technical excellence means they can create components with the ability to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch and dynamics in fact, the very essence of a recording.
We have a wide range of Marantz products on permanent demonstration


  • Digital Sources

Melco, (Maki Electronic Laboratory Company), was established in Japan in 1975 by Makoto Maki, a passionate audiophile determined to create the finest, high-end components. His undoubted masterpiece was the groundbreaking modular Melco turntable that set new standards in music reproduction. From those early beginnings Melco became the largest computer peripherals manufacturer, Buffalo, offering technically advanced products based on rigorous R&D. These included Wireless routers, Ethernet Data Switches and storage devices. Mr Maki personally initiated the current Melco Audiophile NAS project having identified serious shortcomings in the conventional IT industry solutions being used for hi-res audio at the highest level.
We have a range of Melco products on permanent demonstration

  • Headphones

Meze Audio understand that music is not just a pastime but a way of life. Whenever creating or performing we’re accompanied by our favourite tracks. Meze design their headphones to transpose you in their world. The real wood design is specifically created to offer a warm sound, a sound that you can enjoy no matter the situation.
We have a wide range of Meze Audio products on demonstration and available in store


  • Turntables, Tonearms, Cartridges

Michell turntables are precision instruments that are built to last and designed and to reproduce sound as close as possible to the original recording.
We have a range of Michell products on permanent demonstration

Moon Logo 2

  • Amplifiers, Digital Sources, Phono Stages, Headphone Amplifiers, All-in-One Systems

MOON products are the result of more than three decades of research and manufacturing excellence. Based in Quebec, Canada and originally launched under the Sima Electronics brand back in 1980, Moon have been developing the very best audiophile products for the most discerning of listeners for over 30 years.
We have a wide range of MOON products on permanent demonstration


  • Cartridges, Accessories

Nagaoka is unique in the cartridge business having produced styli, cartridges and accessories for records since 1940. Moreover all the very high precision parts used in manufacturing the cartridges and styli are made in Nagaoka’s own factories in Japan, from the diamond tips, the cantilevers, the samarium cobalt magnets and the coils.
We have a wide range of Nagaoka products in store


  • Amplifiers, Digital Sources, All-in-One Systems, Phono Stages

Founded in 1973 by Julian Vereker , the Naim Audio story began with one man’s passion for music, and weaves its way through four decades to the present day. Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source. Naim believe that the exploration of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a clarity and connection that becomes more powerful the deeper you travel within it.  Which is why, every element within a Naim system is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist.
We have a wide range of Naim Audio products on permanent demonstration

  • Audio Cables, Power Cords, Video Cables, Accessories

Nordost is the premier manufacturer of hifi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry. In 1991, the company first made a name for itself with its revolutionary, flat audio cables, which used conductor solutions developed from unique technologies originally engineered for the aerospace industry. Since its founding, Nordost has continually pushed industry boundaries, striving to enhance audio technologies and bringing what were once unattainable goals into fruition.
We have a wide range of Nordost products on permanent demonstration and available in store

ortofon logo

  • Cartridges, Accessories

Ortofon is the world’s oldest and most experienced manufacturer of hi-fi cartridges. From humble beginnings in 1918, Ortofon is now a prolific winner of various international awards, and consistently well reviewed by the international press with every new product. Their core principles of responsibly sourced high-end materials, meticulous design and production processes, pristine working conditions and superlative attention to detail are evident in every single product they make.
We have a wide range of Ortofon products on permanent demonstration and available in store

Primare logo

  • Amplifiers, Digital Sources, Phono Stages

Since the mid 1980s Primare’s minimalist hi-fi separates have challenged the bland design conformity of mass-market products. Its avant-garde launch models – the 900 series and 200 series – are widely credited as being the first examples of ‘designer’ hi-fi: the 928 pre/power amplifier being only hi-fi component exhibited at the Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Art.
We have a wide range of Primare products on permanent demonstration

  • Loudspeakers

Even in the short history of high-end high fidelity, few companies have lasted the course. Even fewer have consistently developed and produced high quality products which have earned international acclaim. ProAc is one such company.
The ProAc range is, as they say, reassuringly expensive. ProAc do not make cheap loudspeakers and certainly do not produce cheap sounds. Happily, many thousands of audiophiles worldwide agree with our philosophy.
We have a wide range of ProAc Loudspeakers on permanent demonstration


  • Turntables, Tonearms, Phono Stages, Record Cleaning Machines, Accessories, Amplifiers, Digital Sources, Loudspeakers

Pro-Ject are widely recognized as one of the finest turntable manufacturers in the world. Their mission is simply to produce the best sounding turntables and components at the most competitive prices possible. Box Design is an innovative range of hi-fi electronics. All Pro-Ject products are manufactured with great care and attention in the Czech Republic by a skilled workforce. We have a wide range of Pro-ject products on permanent demonstration.

  • Furniture

Quadraspire was established in 1995 by Dutch designer Eddie Spruit in an East London Studio and now has its own manufacturing facility in Bath, England where they design and make high performance HiFi racks. Twenty years ago Quadraspire set out to develop a Hi Fi rack that would deliver acoustic performance with style. This was achieved by combining solid aluminium columns with specially engineered shelves to create a light and rigid construction that delivers clearer, cleaner musical performance. Since then the Q4 has been sold throughout the world and is still one of Quadraspires most popular racks.

  • Furnture

Solidsteel is a small Italian company that produces branded “Solidsteel” furniture and equipments for audio and video components.
We have a wide range of Solidsteel products available in store


  • Amplifiers, Digital Sources, Phono Stages

Unison Research was founded in 1987 by a small group of audiophile enthusiasts led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti, an accomplished pianist with a deep understanding and passion for music. In these early days Unison Research produced a variety of unique amplifiers, but the constant search for improvements in sound quality led them to focus on integrated designs. Over 25 years on, and Mr. Sacchetti is still involved in the core design and overall direction of Unison Research, but the introduction of new specialists and a close working relationship with the University of Padua has also seen the brand develop to include the class-leading Unico hybrid series.
We have a wide range of Unison Research products on permanent demonstration


  • Turntables

VPI is an American high-end audio manufacturer started in 1978 in New Jersey, with a vision to reproduce the dynamics of live music at home. VPI believe that the illusion of reality cannot be duplicated without convincing resolution of low-level detail, along with a natural sense of acoustic space. All VPI products are built in the United States using American made parts and labour.
Ceritech Audio has a range of VPI turntables on permanent demonstration

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