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Digital Sources

We have seen great technological change in the digital audio arena over the past few years, and there has been a revolution in how we access, store and play digitally encoded music. Unless you are a vinyl-only enthusiast, most of your music is probably on CDs, SACDs, or stored as music files on a computer or storage device; or you may use a subscription service. We offer a wide range of digital components to help you get the most from your digital music collection.

The first consideration in choosing a digital source component is deciding which format(s) to invest in. Whether you’re looking for a CD player, a separate DAC, a network music streamer, or a dedicated ripping server or NAS, we have something for everyone’s budget!

For many music lovers a CD player will suffice, whilst others will opt for a CD / SACD player to take advantage of SACDs sound quality. CD and SACD remain important formats and we believe they certainly have a many more years of useful service left.

A DAC can be used to convert a digital signal from a CD transport, network music streamer, computer or other digital source to an analogue signal to your amplifier with great performance improvements.

Digital formats have opened up a world of music beyond anything we could have imagined a few years ago, which is why we offer a wide range of digital products that allow you to stream your music wirelessly and in high definition. A network music streamer can be used to unleash your digital music from an array of sources which include UPnP streaming, iRadio, subscription services and other digital music sources. By using your smartphone or tablet to control and stream your music through your hi-fi system, you will have music literally at the end of your fingertips!

Perhaps you’re looking to get away from the clutter of CDs and want the convenience of your music collection at your fingertips? Everything is now online and can be streamed around your home, which makes the choice of music endless. With our fine selection of music servers, we can help with that too!

We offer a wide range of quality digital audio products from our partner brands, including AudioQuest, Bel Canto, Creek, Denon, Emotiva, Innuos, Linn, Lyngdorf, Marantz, Melco, Moon, Naim Audio, Plinius, Primare, Pro-ject and YBA.

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