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Design & Installation

The pleasure of a performance car, a fine meal or a well cut suit can be easily enjoyed by those who can afford them. Enjoying music and film at its best however, requires far more than the finest equipment. Music and home cinema systems must be correctly specified, measured and corrected to match their environment. Without these critical steps, your money spent on quality components will be wasted. This is where Ceritech Audio can help, as we offer a full design and installation consultancy.

We focus on the quality of our customer experience. We offer a full consultation process to help you make the right choice and get real value for money, whatever the solution we provide. Expertly designed and carefully installed, we will put you in the middle of the performance to ensure you enjoy a full and rewarding cinematic experience.

Starting with a site survey and design consultation, we will then propose a bespoke system specific to your needs. Our in house project managers and installers will then ensure that the job is brought in on time, on budget and providing something with explosive impact to really exceed your expectations. Our objectives are to provide an elegantly simple, easy to operate, home entertainment system, sympathetic to your home environment, with an installation free of worry, stress, clutter or cables.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you attain a home cinema solution whatever your budget and needs

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