It’s a summer of sound with up to 30% off Dynaudio Excite speakers

Dynaudio Excite
Elegant, refined and versatile… and they pack a serious punch.
High-end sound quality and elegant, slimline design. The Excite models can be driven quite effortlessly by almost any amplifier
For the next three months, up until September 2018, we’re offering 20% off the Excite X38, X34 floor-standing speakers and the X18, X14 stand-mounter speakers. If you want to create a multi channel system then there is 30% off the X28 and X24 Centre channels.
Excite X14 £900 Now £720
Excite X14A £1300 Now £1040
Excite X18 £1200 Now £960
Excite X34 £1900 Now £1520
Excite X38 £2600 Now £2080
Excite X24C £700 Now £490
Excite X28C £900 Now £630
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