Linn LP12 Service and Upgrade

We recently serviced a Linn LP12 and added the following upgrades:  Keel – Sub Chassis & Armboard, Krystal – Cartridge and Radical – Power Supply.

                           “Thankyou very much for your advice and work on rebuilding my Linn Sondek. I admit that I spent more than originally planned, but the results fully justify the investment.

The stereo image is startling with a superb sense of stage depth (you can almost tell which desk the violins are playing from)

The music has an infectious dynamic with no sense of congestion  or hardening on eventhe loudest and most complex passages

The bass is much more tuneful and accurate than I have ever heard from LP before

The dynamic range is excellent with the music emerging from blackness and subtle detail like acoustic environment information well portrayed

The music has almost a 3D effect, making some comparable CDs sound a little flat and faintly sterile.

The cartridge is very secure and seems to be good at suppressing groove noise”