Linn Training and Factory Tour

Recently, Simon and I had the opportunity to gain an insight into Linn’s factory and headquarters. Situated in the beautiful landscape of Eaglesham, the building stands where a stately home once stood, designed by the renowned architect Richard George Rogers.
Our day began with a coffee and an introduction to the day ahead of us, from Gordan; like so many of the employees at Linn, his welcome was brimming with passion, stemming from his many years of experience within the field.

Following this introduction, we moved onto training – focusing on advanced aspects of the iconic LP12 turntable, which the brand is renowned for, and then moving onto the recently released Selekt products. Discussing the history of many of the products, after training, enriched the experience, offering a deeper insight into the brand itself.

The factory tour allowed us to delve deeper into the processes that make Linn the brand it is today. We started our tour in the manufacturing area, which focused on the circuit boards. Each of the boards we colour coded to match each of the Majik, Akurate, Selekt and Klimax ranges. There are several machines running where the components are either surfaced mounted or are pushed through and then individually tested by a member of the team to ensure all boards are passed through to the next stage without error.
Moving on, the tour now placed its focus upon the single build production which Linn strongly believe in. In the factory, each product is individually built by one person, ensuring perfection and detail in each product produced – be it a Klimax DSM or LP12. Each employee takes ownership in their work. If you look at the back of any Linn product, you will see the name of the person who crafted it, adding a personal touch and preciousness to the product.

A particularly interesting element of the Linn process we saw during the tour, was the way in which the Klimax electronics are manufactured. Manufactured from one solid piece of aluminium, it is clear that a lot of time and precision goes into the creation of the product. The casting that had just finished being created, took two and a half hours to cut – just one of the many elements that go into the Linn Klimax range. It was easy to see the quality of the components that Linn manufacture.

After having lunch and putting faces to the names of all the people we as a business deal with, it was clear to see the staff run a tight and effective ship – but also a happy one, with great views and a calm working environment.
We have a large range of Linn Products on demonstration so to discover more come and visit us or call one of the team on 01594 540268

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