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ELAC Miracord 60 Turntable


A new class of ELAC turntables

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ELAC Miracord 60 Turntable

A new class of ELAC turntables

In 2016 the name Miracord was re-established in the high-end audio community. 3 years and 3 product launches later, the Miracord 60 is ready to continue the unique ELAC Audiophile Turntable Saga.

The Miracord 60 was designed to bring the world-renowned and eye-catching design of the successful Miracord 90 to a new class of ELAC turntables. The result is a turntable that does not deny its lineage while emphasizing its individuality. The new Miracord 60 embodies the meaning of smooth vinyl precision to perfection and timeless, elegant design.


Additional information

Technical Specifications

Drive System: Belt-drive
Motor: DC Motor
Selectable Speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm
Rotation Speed Variation: +/- 0.33%
Wow and Flutter: < 0.12%
Platter: Aluminum die-cast


Type: Carbon fiber tube
Overhang: 18.6mm
Offset Angle: 25 degrees
Anti-Skating Adjustment: 0..4
Main Bearing: Stainless Steel


VOLTAGE: 100 to 240V AC /50/60Hz

POWER CONSUMPTION: 1.5 W (less than 0.5 W at standby)

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