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Focal Elear Ear Pads


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Focal Elear Ear Pads

Earpads for the Elear will also fit the Focal Clear, Clear Pro, Elegia, Stellia, and Utopia.

Ultimate Comfort

Focal Elear ear pads feature microfiber covering 20mm memory foam ear cushions, offering true comfort for all head shapes and sizes.

Sound Isolation

The Elear ear pad provides excellent soundproofing against the external environment, whilst benefiting from an excellent ratio between damping and diffusion, all within a tiny listening space. These microfiber ear pads are the same design as those on the Clear headphones without perforations, providing better soundproofing. This generates extreme performance with the most direct radiation possible from the speaker driver to the ear, without the usual artifices (foam around the transducer, etc.), for optimal dynamics and sound whose naturalness is noticeable from the very first seconds of listening.

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