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iFi Audio Gemini Cable 3.0


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iFi Audio Gemini Cable 3.0

Normal USB cables are not optimised for the highest quality audio.

The Gemini3.0 separates the audio and power cables to give you high-quality interference free audio.


Two. Deux. Zwei.

Whatever language you listen to music in, we know you prefer it as intererfence free as possible. You need the Gemini3.0 dual-headed cable.

In most mass-produced USB cables, the signal and power cables are normally compacted together. This means two things – poor conductivity and they are not protected from one another.

This leads to interference and degrades quality.


Degrees of separation

The Gemini3.0 cable carries the audio signal and power in two separate cables.

This separates the delicate USB data signal from the USB power.

No interference and sound quality remains unaffected.


Superior design. Better signal. Strong shielding.

We strictly adhere to the usb.org specifications. A key factor that is often overlooked is sticking to the 90 ohms impedance. This is achieved using the following exhaustive methods.

We use heavy OFHC continuous copper silver matrix conductors for the best possible signal transfer. The cable construction is a custom minimum inductance parallel type with dual shielding. This protects the cable from RFI and EMI noise and provides the cleanest transfer medium possible.

With the machined FINAL connectors and atypical RF3 filter designs, the iFi Gemini3.0 sets a whole new sonic benchmark for computer audio transmission.


The golden touch

The signal runs through the cable and the connector. This means the connector too must be exceptional.

Most USB cables use moulded plastic covered connections that do not shield the high frequencies present in the USB data link. Noise radiates out. Very few make their own connectors and rely on off-the-shelf components. These often lack durability.

Our FINAL USB connectors provide impeccable end-to-end RF shielding. They are machined entirely from solid, aircraft-grade aluminium. Plus their gold-plated connections make for years of steadfast service.

Additional information

Technical Specifications

USB3 Data
Construction: Minimum inductance parallel construction
Conductors: 24 and 28AWG
Conductor material: Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper silver matrix
Insulation: HD Polyethylene
Shielding: Quadruple-shields
Impedance: 90Ohms
AC spark insulation : 1500V
Connectors: iFi ‘FINAL’ USB connectors
Insulation resistance: 100Mohm
Tensile strength: 1500PSI
Construction: Minimum inductance parallel construction
Conductors: 12AWG
Conductor material: Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper
Insulation: Linear Polyethelyne (LPE) insulation
Current Rating: 30A
Lengths/Weights: 0.7m / 150g (0.33 lbs)
1.5m / 170g (0.37 lbs)
Warranty period: 12 months


USB2.0 'B' 0.75m, USB3.0 'B' 0.75m, USB2.0 'B' 1.5m

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