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IsoAcoustics APERTA Sub Stand


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IsoAcoustics APERTA Sub Stand

IsoAcoustics extend the Aperta family bringing their unique talents of isolation to home audio subwoofers.

Thanks to their larger speaker drivers, HiFi subwoofers create a large amount of energy which often runs the risk of exciting the underlying surface of the speaker cabinet.

This physical transfer of energy can have numerous side effects from bass smear and interference with other audio components to cabinet rattle and even neighbour disturbance.

When seated atop IsoAcoustics’ Aperta Sub stand, subwoofers become fully decoupled from their supporting surface, avoiding any physical transfer of energy and halting any vibrations being reflected back into the speaker’s cabinet.

Sculpted from an aluminium frame and each featuring four patented IsoAcoustics isolators, the Aperta Sub can support up to 36.3kg of unit weight and greatly improves clarity and definition of subwoofer performance while removing low-end rattle smear to lower end frequencies.

Each unit ships with four carpet discs to ensure steady footing and allowing subwoofers to continue doing what they do best.

Main Features:
Decouples subwoofers from supporting surfaces
Improves clarity and definition
Unique sculpted aluminium frame
Low profile 33mm-high design
Directional logo-forward orientation
Ships with 4x carpet discs included

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