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Les Davis Audio 33 1/3D Record Mat



Les Davis Audio 33 1/3D Record Mat

A record mat to isolate the vinyl record from the internal noise that is inherent in any turntable. Open, more clearly defined and accurate bass , better timing. Works extremely well on a turntable at any price point.

Constrained Layer Damping is a well researched scientific innovation with many applications. Involved is the simple process of having a viscoelastic material (simply more flexible) pressed between two layers of a more sturdy material, which ultimately regulates the vibration output of the target component.

All electronic components including your speakers and CD players inherently suffer from wasted potential due to the vibrations caused by the electrical and mechanical process by which they operate. In your home audio system, at every connection, from power socket to CD player to speaker, there is a gradual loss of energy and potential, which ultimately leads to a completely avoidable, inferior experience.

Les Davis Audio has devoted its expertise in audio to completely remove the barrier for the ultimate audio and visual system of any household, maximising the potential of any electronic component.

Shearing Effect

Les Davis Audio uses a reinforced soft aluminium compound (Damping Layer) that is sandwiched between a premium polymeric laminate (Constraining Layer). This structure when undergoing mechanical vibrations generated by components, which negatively affects the final audio/visual output, moves laterally. This process converts the vibration into low level heat improving the performance of any component Les Davis Audio is used on. This is known as the Shearing Effect.

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