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Meze Headphone Couch



Meze Headphone Couch

From Meze Audio comes an accessory furnishing designed with audiophiles at its heart. The Meze Headphone Couch is a branded headphone stand compatible with Meze’s Planar Magnetic Empyrean as well as other high-end headphones to provide ultimate stability for coveted cans between listening sessions.

The Couch is composed of vegan leather and features a cushion on the rear of the stand to avoid any marks on adjacent furniture.

Main Features
  • Branded Meze headphone stand
  • Optimum stability thanks to sturdy design
  • Foldable for ease of transport/storage

Additional information

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties

192 x 273 x 245mm (WxHxD ±1mm)

Vegan leather

Ceritech Audio