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Tonar 5964 Nickle Record Weight


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Tonar 5964 Nickle Record Weight

Any vibrations in a record during playback will be picked by the cartridge and will be reproduced by the amplifier and speakers causing muddy sound, distortion and reduce detail. In order to avoid record vibrations you must make certain that the contact between the record and the platter is perfect. The tonar record clamp presses the record flat against the platter. The weight of the clamp is minimal so it can be used on any record player with a fixed spindle. Also many of the older manufactured records are warped. Some more, some less. This causes big problems for the diamond stylus of the cartridge to track the grooves properly. The stylus pressure fluctuates as the stylus moves up and down while trying to track the warps. In some cases the stylus may actually loose contact with the groove causing a hissing sound. Using the Tonar clamp it will press the record onto the turntable platter, the problematical surface will be flattened now, while you play the record causing a dramatic improvement of the reproduced sound on old records.
• 760 grams Brass weightNickel plated.
• Measurements: 78 mm Ø x 25 mm.
Base covered with felt to protect the record label.
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