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Novafidelity X45 Streamer & Reference DAC



Novafidelity X45 Streamer & Reference DAC

Novafidelity’s X45 is a leading audiophile network audio player thanks to its symmetrical and asymmetrical connectivity. Featuring a dual DAC ESS Saber 9018K2M compatible up to 32-bit / 384 kHz and with DSD64 / DSD128, the X45 accommodates a large array of media thanks to its built-in CD player along with a sizeable offering of internal hard disk storage. Evolving their legacy X40 model, Novafidelity have this time included a dual DAC, USB-B input, on-board FM and DAB tuner, and a larger 7” LCD display to replace the original 5” screen.

Breathtaking audio quality

Equipped with dual ESS Sabre ³² Reference DAC ES9018K2Ms, a 64Bit XMOS chip, TCXO oscillator and a high quality toroidal transformer, including isolated power source circuit design technology, Novatron’s experience and excellence in circuit designing deliveres a product that offers a truely engaging and musical performance.

Phono input for turntable support

Connect turntables to the X45 phono-in directly to play your precious vinyl and archive them to the X45Pro as hi-res digital audio files. The X45 offers clever and convenient auto cutting functions to edit the recorded files with ease.

192kHz sampling

The X45 offers a recording function for internet radio, DAB+/FM radio, analogue and digital inputsCreate digital music collections with pristine sound quality at 192kHz.

Additional information

Main Features

Equipped with Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor running at 1.0Ghz
Dual ESS ES9018K2M Sabre³² Reference DAC chips
16 Core Microcontroller with Advanced RISC Architecture
Optical disk drive for rapid CD ripping
Phono Input (Moving Magnet) for turntable
7" TFT LCD screen for intuitive GUI
Built-in DAB+/FM tuner
Support upto 8TB storage via external HD or SSD
Supports MQA, DSD, DXD, PCM signal up to 32Bit/384Khz
Major Music Streaming Services available
Customized Remote Control App, NOVATRON MusicX for iOS and Android
Built-in 'Roon Ready' support

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