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Innuos ZENmini Mk3 Music Server


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Innuos ZENmini Mk3 Music Server

With the Zen Mini Mk3, there is no need for discs. No computer required for ripping or file conversion. No waiting for tunes to transfer to your network hard drive. No need to dedicate hours to setting everything up. In fact, no excuse for neglecting your CD collection any longer.

The Zen Mini virttually silent in operation (having absolutely no fans) meaning you can place it confidently in your living room where it will quietly stream your music away.

The Zen Mini Mk3 supports almost every audio device out there so it will deliver multi-room audio to your Sonos system, stream high-resolution audio via UPnP to your Naim or Linn Music Streamer and even act as a music player connecting to an USB DAC and your Hi-Fi!

The Zen Mini Mk3 is vastly more powerful than most NAS devices on the market, so no matter how large your music library is, the Mini Mk3 will provide a great user experience.

The latest Zen ranges from Innuos have advanced in three key design areas: minimising power noise, reducing vibration and optimising firmware, resulting in the entire range seeing a sizeable step-up in terms of performance

ZEN Mini Mk3 has the following new features;

Custom motherboard with dual ethernet ports – Optimisation for audio performance and network passthrough to nearby network devices.

Optical and coaxial SPDIF digital outputs

Optional Linear PSU also available.

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