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Innuos ZEN Mk3 Music Server


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Innuos ZEN Mk3 Music Server


The Zen MK3 1TB HDD features upgrades from the previous MK2 model, benefitting from trickle-down technology from innovations included on the Zenith MKII SE, and Innuos’ work with Dr. Sean Jacobs. Areas focused on for improvement include minimising power noise, reducing vibration and optimising firmware, resulting in an upgraded power supply, new custom motherboards and a new chassis. The Zen is built for music enthusiasts, to enjoy large music libraries in Hi-Fi quality. The Zen audio server is available with drive sizes of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB HDD

The Zen MK3 offers an easy solution to effectively file and hear your CD collection, by ripping the CDs and storing the content as digital audio, available for playback whenever you like. Access all your CDs from your connected smartphone, and edit the data and album artwork. Connect the Zen MK3 to your Hi-Fi system simply, whilst also connecting to any multi-room system to play music throughout your whole house. The Zen brings your CD collection back to life, making it easily accessible from a dedicated digital audio server.

With the MK3 comes some improvements to the engineering, in order to maximise the performance of the Zen. A custom motherboard is optimised for audio performance with improved EMI treatment, and with dual Ethernet ports, the Zen MK3 allows for network pass through to nearby network devices. The Zen MK3 features a dual linear power supply, using ultra-low noise regulators and Nichion capacitors. Asymmetrical isolation feet are used directly derived from the flagship Zenith SE model, for better control of vibrations and noise isolation.

Powered by innuOS, Innuos’ uniquely developed operating system, the Zen MK3 allows you to manage your entire music library from your smartphone or tablet. Edit album data including artwork, and control CD ripping, playing, streaming, and back up the data all from your smart device. innuOS also contains additional intelligent features to organise your music library, such as rule-based music import engine, and Assisted CD Ripping mode, as well as running in Roon Core or Roon Bridge mode.


  • Innuos Zen MK3 Audio Server with 1TB Hard Disk Drive
  • Rip your CD collection into digital format
  • Connect the Zen to your Hi-Fi system, or any Multi-room music system
  • Dual linear power supply with ultra-low noise regulators
  • Custom designed motherboard for improved performance and reduced vibrations
  • Asymmetrical isolation feet for quieter performance and reduction of unwanted resonance
  • Dual Ethernet ports, USB ports
  • innuOS operating system provides music library management from your smartphone or tablet

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