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T+A Solitaire P Planar Magnetic Headphones


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T+A Solitaire P Planar Magnetic Headphones

The Solitaire P is a planar-magnetostatic flagship headphone hand-built in Germany. Designed and voiced by the same team responsible for the company’s range of high-end audio products, the Solitaire P incorporate genuine innovations, unmistakably restrained design features combined with technology which has exceeded T+A’s own class-leading requirements and expectations.

The heart of the Solitaire P is a special diaphragm which carries a sophisticated array of conductors. Nineteen high-performance neodymium magnets drive the diaphragm through accurately calculated magnetic field lines, whilst T+A’s proprietary Draft Control System effectively prevents air turbulence, which can adversely affect sound quality. Specially designed annular mounts and magnet supports constantly maintain the diaphragm within the linear part of the magnetic driver field. This feature is crucial to the headphones’ peerless dynamic quality and precision, which the listener experiences as a complete lack of inertia. Since the drive system consists of just one row of magnets, this outstanding performance is achieved with a significant reduction in weight.

Built to an extraordinary high level, the aluminium cups, to which all the sub-assemblies are attached, take more than two hours to machine. T+A’s quality requirements demand extremely close tolerances and this requires the use of the latest precision five-axis machines. Like the cups, the yokes and their holders are also machined from solid aluminium. The result is a headphone that is enormously strong and rigid without incurring additional weight.

The ear and head cushions are manufactured exclusively for T+A by a specialist company in Germany, and were developed to ensure that they exert no trace of pressure, even after ten hours of uninterrupted listening. The synthetic leather and Alcantara surfaces are 100% allergen-free. The internal structure of the ear cushions is responsible for the outstanding positional accuracy of individual instruments as well as the headphones’ expansive sound stage.

The sophisticated construction of the cables ensures that all parameters are maintained perfectly, guaranteeing that the extraordinary performance of the transducers can unfold to its full extent. The cables consist of ultrapure copper (OFC) conductors with a carefully defined silver layer, encased with the connectors and splitters in a single manufacturing process, and sheathed in high-quality insulators. Professional military-grade two-pole connectors are used to connect to the ear cups with the choice of unbalanced 6.35mm and 4-pin XLR connections to the amplifier available depending on the users requirements.


Additional information

Technical Specifications

Transducer Principle Planar-Magnetostatic
Impedance 80 0hms
Frequency Response 5 Hz – 54 kHz
Distortion < 0.015 % @ 100 dB
Sensitivity 101dB @ 1kHz, 1V
Transducer Size Elliptic 110 x 80mm
Construction Open-back, Over-ear
Connectivity Wired transmission (3m) V2: unbalanced cable with 6.3mm connector and balanced cable with 4-pin XLR connector
Material Aluminium, Steel, Allergen-free Synthetic Leather, Alacantara
Weight 530g excl. Cables

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