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Kudos Super 10A Loudspeakers


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Kudos Super 10A Loudspeakers

You want an exceptionally musical, high-performance loudspeaker but you don’t have the space to house a floorstander? Not a problem. The Super 10A is made specifically for you. Yes, a compact stand-mount loudspeaker may not have quite the same degree of bass weight as an equivalent floor-stander. But don’t imagine for a second that you should compromise on that all-important lower-end presence, or on an impressively three-dimensional soundstage. And don’t think that you won’t be holding your breath in that spilt second of silence between notes. Not least because our Super 10A is directly comparable in design to our series-topping Super 20A floorstander.

The Cardea series is a true Kudos original. The Kudos brand was launched with a Cardea, and customers haven’t stopped asking for them since. Of course the Cardeas of today have evolved considerably since those early models. But the principle behind them remains very much the same: to create a high-performance loudspeaker for the ‘real world’ music lover. A Cardea is crafted to bring the thrill of a live musical performance into your home, without taking over your home. Its sleek design and modest footprint will blend in. The music, however, will stand out. The two ‘Super A’ models in the Cardea series are configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation with leading electronics including Linn Exakt, Devialet Expert and Naim SNAXO. While a typical audio system features one power amplifier channel per loudspeaker, in an active system there is one power amplifier per drive unit. Active operation enables a variety of performance-enhancing capabilities and opens up a wider upgrade path.

Additional information

Technical Specification

Bass reflex
Nominal impedance
8 ohms
Mid/bass driver
Kudos 180mm unit with cast chassis, coated paper cone and 39mm voice coil
Recommended amplifier power detail
25W – 200W
Frequency range
40Hz – 30kHz AIRR (average in-room response)
350mm (h) x 200mm (w) x 270mm (d)
SEAS-Kudos Crescendo K2 29mm fabric dome
Black Oak
Natural Oak
Satin White

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