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Lighting design has become an integral part of interior design within homes. Executive houses with multi-room music and video systems, listed buildings with carefully considered alterations, city apartments can all benefit from the potential of a lighting control system. Whole house scene setting, individual control, curtain and blind integration ensure simple, effective technology is available at the owners fingertips.

Lighting can contribute greatly to how we feel in a room. With low ambient lighting levels a room naturally invokes a relaxed feel in contrast to a room with high ambient lighting levels more suited to activity or concentration. Attention can then be drawn to a particular object with accent lighting picking out a painting or piece of furniture. Control systems can be installed in one room or throughout the house, with more sophisticated systems able to provide a simulation of your usual lighting use even when you are out or even on holiday.

Our expert installations are industry-leading in their quality and reliability, while being intuitive and simple to use. And as we’re independent, we’re not tied on any technology providers. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your property, shaping our best-in-class technology around your needs.

If you would like to discuss our lighting solutions, you can either visit us instore or contact us for more information.