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Multi-room Audio

From playing music wirelessly in a couple of rooms, to a whole-house wired-in sound system, multi-room audio has evolved in recent years. The appeal of walking from room to room with the sounds of a favourite radio show, album, or playlist following you, or throwing a party with music simultaneously filling the kitchen, dining room, living room and garden, are lost on few. It’s a reality which is no longer just the preserve of the wealthy; when it comes to smart home technology, multi-room, multi-source audio is increasingly a luxury available to all.

The way in which we listen to music, which has changed dramatically in just a few years has also shaped the market. The ability to stream music, providing instant access to thousands of tracks, new and old, means we’re beginning to make more of audio in the home. We only use performance products that meet our exacting standards, delivering entertainment exactly as it was designed to be experienced.

All rooms, all access! This means we are able to provide any room with open access to any of your media and home audio systems. We design each of our exclusive installations to suit your property’s space. No unsightly speakers just totally discreet performance.

Our expert installations are industry-leading in their quality and reliability, while being intuitive and simple to use. And as we’re independent, we’re not tied on any technology providers. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your property, shaping our best-in-class technology around your needs.

If you would to discuss our multi room audio solutions, you can either visit us instore or contact us for more information.