The summers hottest incentive – Melco

Melco components have got even more tempting thanks to this Summer Gift Promotion.
Melco’s Summer Gift Promotion includes free iPads, year-long Tidal and Qobuz accounts, £250 Red Letter Day gift vouchers, 6TB drives from Buffalo Technology, gin and more!
Melco is celebrating the summer season in style. The high-performance digital music storage solutions maker is offering a range of exciting gifts (including gin), with the purchase of any of its advanced digital music libraries from an official Melco retailer for a limited time.

Running from right now until September 8th 2019, the Summer Gift Promotion works on a points system with each Melco digital music library having a points value, for instance, the N100 is worth 2 Melco Points whereas the N1ZS20 equals 10 Melco points, which can then be exchanged for gifts. So, if you fancied a bottle of Thundery Hill Craft Gin that will be 1 Melco Point or, perhaps, you would prefer a Buffalo mains powered CD loader BRXL which can be yours for 3 Melco points?
For more details give one of the team a call – 01594 540268
*Terms and conditions apply

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