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At Ceritech Audio we are committed to giving you the best products and service. Our staff are all enthusiasts, and you can be sure that we have personally evaluated the products we sell.
Over the years we’ve amassed a comprehensive range of products to help you get the very best from your Hi-Fi – but it can be confusing. So, we’ve put together this simple guidance to help you through the maze. We offer a lovingly curated collection of high-performance audio enhancement products to improve your system, all at an amazingly affordable price!

Hi-Fi Mains Cables:

The closer you get to the source of your music, the more significant the effect – so start with your mains cables. For the same reason, start with the cable supplying your main source component, such as your streamer, turntable or CD player, and the more cables you use, the bigger the cumulative effect.
We recommend trying the fantastic new mains cable range from Titan Audio, which start at just £60.00 a cable! Hand-made in Belfast, these mains cables are generating a great deal of positive press and industry awards. You will be amazed at the performance gains achieved by adding one of these cables to your system components – try one on an LP12 or other turntable power supply for astonishing results!

Hi-Fi Power Distribution Units:

Once you’ve addressed your power cables the next step is to replace any mains extensions with a purpose designed unit. Ordinary extension blocks available in shops can degrade the sound to a surprising extent so it makes sense to upgrade this essential step in your mains supply.
The 6-way Titan Audio Styx Power Distribution unit offers an unbeatable upgrade for your system. Rated as “Outstanding, amongst the best” by HiFi World magazine, the Styx is the first release in Titan Audio’s long-awaited power distribution units, and it was designed with the same characteristics as their cables, offering customers an incredible lifetime warranty and the classic Titan Audio performance.
On most power distribution blocks, the sockets are connected via solid metal bars causing a reduction in power delivery as you descend the unit, which in turn leads to a noticeable reduction in sound quality. Each of the sockets in Styx are independently wired with Oxygen free copper cable, with no loss of current delivery anywhere in the unit, the results are improved detail and musical coherence from your system.
The Styx is a superbly built power block that delivers in terms of both looks and sound quality. At just £150.00, it is highly recommended.

Resonance Control:

When you have spent a considerable amount of time and money on setting up your audio system you want to ensure that it works to its optimum level, and we recommend you take the time to explore and invest in some isolation products.

Unwanted vibrations are the enemy of any audio system as they cause noise to get into the signal path which raises the noise floor, resulting in a less detailed sound performance. Even though vibrations may be small and can go unnoticed to the ear directly, you will immediately hear the difference in sound performance when isolation products are put into practice.

We would like to introduce you to two low cost options to control resonance in your system, both of which offer stunning results.

Costing only £45.00 for a pack of 4, Titan Audio Cable Lifts are the perfect affordable solution to isolate your cables from high frequency seismic vibrations. The cable lifts keep things simple, and are made from high density resin-based acrylic’s which are fantastic at high frequency damping. In addition to giving an elegant cosmetic improvement to the look and feel of your system wiring, the performance of the seismic damping is really where the beauty lies, by removing even the smallest amount of high frequency vibration you are allowing your cable signal to transfer with much less distortion and therefore presenting a more accurate reproduction.

To attain deceptively simple sounds, we highly recommend the application of viscoelastic constrained layer damping for audio with 3D-2 Discs by Les Davis Audio. This is a deceptively simple product, and these small discs can be placed under all types of audio components to reduce vibration. We have had dramatic improvements placing these under turntables, digital sources, amplification, power supplies, motors, speakers and even power blocks. In each case, 3D makes a significant sonic difference in the overall sound. The noise floor is reduced. Music sounds fuller, with more visceral impact. The effect is not subtle–you will hear a difference when you use 3D in your audio system.

Simply stated, constrained layer damping (CLD) is a modern technology used to suppress vibrations. CLD involves a viscoelastic material that is sandwiched between two layers of a stiffer material. This approach to vibration control is used in a number of applications, most notably in the aerospace and aviation industry.

At just £120.00 for a pack of 8 discs to treat two components, we consider these a Necessity and not just an Accessory!

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